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We're on a mission to simplify and revolutionize the lighting industry. Our formula is straightforward: combine efficiency with effectiveness, innovation with integrity and quality.
Our Work

Illuminating over 200 projects, LEDPAX has mastered the art of bringing visionary lighting solutions to life.

15 Billion
In Real Estate

Shining across $15 billion worth of real estate, LEDPAX lights up the world’s most prestigious developments.

6 Offices
the Globe.

With offices in Montreal, NYC, Miami, Houston, Hong Kong, and Mumbai, LEDPAX illuminates projects globally.

Direct, Clear, Uncomplicated Excellence.

We offer a direct, end-to-end
solution, handling every stage of
the process with precision.

Where most companies are entangled in a complex web of middlemen, ranging from distributors to representatives, LEDPAX steps forward with clarity. We deliver a streamlined, all-in-one lighting service with unmatched precision from planning and designing to delivery and maintenance.
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Our Distinctive Approach.

Real People,
Brilliant Solutions

Behind every LEDPAX project is a team of dreamers, thinkers, and doers dedicated to making your project shine.

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Client Testimonial

What our
costumers say

Our commitment doesn’t end at installation.

We back up our products and services that ensure your lighting continues to perform flawlessly, proving our dedication to excellence isn’t just talk. Hear it directly from our clients.

"Planning and Vision"

“Ledpax transformed our project with their visionary planning. Their team didn’t just understand our needs; they anticipated them, ensuring our project was a step ahead from day one. Working with them was a masterclass in efficiency and innovation.”

Alex M., Project Manager
"Design Creativity"

“The creativity and attention to detail from the Ledpax design team were unparalleled. They delivered not just lighting, but art that elevated our entire project. It’s rare to find a partner who can truly blend form and function so seamlessly.”

Danielle T., Architect
"Quality Sourcing"

“With Ledpax, quality isn’t just a promise; it’s a guarantee. They sourced the best materials for our project, ensuring durability and style. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every detail.”

Jordan K., Developer
"Manufacturing Excellence"

“Ledpax’s manufacturing process is second to none. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality meant our lighting solutions were not only innovative but also impeccably crafted. They truly exceeded our expectations at every turn.”

Chris F., Construction Manager
"Maintenance and Reliability"

“Post-installation, Ledpax’s maintenance services have been outstanding. Their team ensures our lighting systems continue to perform at peak efficiency, proving their commitment to excellence extends well beyond the sale.”

Samantha R., Facility Manager
"Efficient Distribution"

“Ledpax’s streamlined distribution was a game-changer for our project timeline. Their ability to cut through complexity and deliver on time, every time, made all the difference. They’re not just a supplier; they’re a partner in our success.”

Liam G., Procurement Officer
"Overall Satisfaction"

“Choosing Ledpax was the best decision for our project. From planning to post-installation, their team was solutions-oriented, transparent, and relentlessly reliable. They not only met our high standards but raised the bar for what we expect from partners.”

Rebecca H., Project Director

Forget the hassle of middlemen and say hello to a straightforward, brilliant lighting service.

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