The Genesis of LEDPAX: A Global Enterprise Unfolds

Led by the visionary Gansbourg brothers, LEDPAX has illuminated the path to innovation in the lighting industry, transforming spaces and setting new standards of excellence worldwide.
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Roots to Results:
The Evolution of Our Vision

In 2015, brothers Levi and Shalom ventured into the LED lighting market, quickly recognizing inefficiencies within the real estate lighting sector. Their determination to address these challenges led to the birth of LEDPAX, a revolutionary solution that streamlined the industry.

From humble beginnings to global leaders, LEDPAX now boasts offices from New York to Hong Kong, with their lights gracing skyscrapers worldwide.

Meet the brilliant minds behind LEDPAX

Discover the dynamic team that powers LEDPAX, driving the industry forward as leaders in lighting design and technology.
Levi Gansbourg
Co Founder - Integrator
Shalom Gansbourg
Co Founder - Visionary
Pinchas Gansbourg
Head of Retail
Chayala Schultz
Head of Operations
Daniel Elbaz
Head Of Finance
Sani Friedman
Head Of Sales
Jessie Zhong
Head of Sourcing
Michael Tang
Head of engineering
Abner Liu
Product Designer
Shmuel Evans
Sr Project Estimator
Matt Palaic
Project Manager
Juan Cedeno
Project Estimator
John Kiernan
Project Estimator
Chris Cancel
Warehouse Manager
Jeremy Bazinet
Warehouse Manager

Our vision is rooted in an ambition to redefine the realm of lighting.

Levi Gansbourg
Co Founder - Integrator

“Our purpose as a brand is simple; Pioneer the Future of Lighting. We show up to work every single day with the promise to empower real estate developers with a seamless, efficient, cost-effective lighting solution that drives industry transformation.

‘We’re not here to just be another lighting company. We’re here to simplify the process, cut out middlemen, and add unmatched value at every step, on every project we get our hands on.”

Core Values.

The pillars of our success

At the heart of our journey lies four fundamental values that have guided us from our modest beginnings to our position as leaders of industry.
Always be solutions-oriented:
We approach every challenge with a can-do attitude, prioritizing innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our people and our clients.
Never accept Bull-Sh*t:
Transparency and honesty are our hallmarks. We cut through the noise and complexity, internally and through offering our clients straightforward and effective solutions.
Seek continuously to improve:
The pursuit of perfection is endless. We are committed to ongoing improvement, constantly enhancing our products, services, and processes.
Exceed expectations:
Good enough is never good enough. We aim to surpass what’s expected, delivering exceptional results that illuminate our dedication to excellence.
Unlike the industry maze of brokers and go-betweens, LEDPAX cuts away any unnecessary steps.

By taking autonomy and control of every aspect of the process, LEDPAX is actively changing the game in the lighting landscape. Through our integrated approach, we streamline the developer’s journey, eliminating unnecessary complexities and fostering efficiency from start to finish.

Forget the hassle of middlemen and say hello to straightforward, brilliant lighting solutions.

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